Onno Lolkema

Onno Lolkema (31 may, 1979) Illustrative Design 1999-2004 at the HKU, Utrecht, The Netherlands Onno over zijn werk: "My paintings contain many different elements that are involved with eachother because they have been placed in the same space. They have been given an environment to exist in. This environment is often a typically Dutch interior. I paint parts of my own livingroom or take photographs of other people's livingrooms, kitchens or attics that strike my eye and paint them in my studio. I like the old-fashioned feeling of these interiors and I like to combine the old-fashioned elements with more modern, weird elements. People, animals and objects placed in a certain situation. The interiors give me a space in which I can make anything happen. I can be happy, sad, serious, cynical, humoristic, dreamy, cruel, absurd, etc. and I can put in all kinds of subjects like relationships, poverty, prosperity, mass consumption, war, peace, youth, growing old or even where all my socks have gone. There is no end to it. Also, I put in various painting methods. Some elements are painted accurately, taking a lot of time to fabricate, using oil. Other parts I might paint a lot more loosely, using acrylic, which is often the case with the surroundings. I purposely don't mind the proportions too much because I like the visual effect it gives when it's all a bit askew. I like my paintings to be stories. It might not be clear where the story begins or ends, or what the plot is exactly, but there is something going on. The viewer decides what is going on exactly. All I can say is: I find life in all its aspects a remarkable, if not weird thing and I try to get that feeling across in all my work." Zijn werk is inmiddels opgenomen in diverse particuliere collecties. Een van zijn verzamleaars vergeleek zijn werk qua sfeer met dat van de Belgische schilder Michael Bonemans. Exposities: Affordable Art Fair 07 en 08, Amsterdam Realisme 08, Amsterdam de Open Art Fair 08, Utrecht Besselaar Hedendaagse Kunst, Utrecht 2007, 2008, 2009 Prints and the Revolution, Amsterdam 2009